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Spotting lost horse

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Spotting the lost horse

Chand Patil a Mohammadan gentlemen from the village Dhoop of Aurangabad district in the Nizam’s state, lost his pet hours of whom he was very fond, while making a trip to Aurangabad.After a diligent search in vine for two long months, he was returning home, carrying the redundant saddle on his back. He found a queer fellow with a cap on his head, a long robe (KAFIN), and a short stick (SATKA) under His arm, sitting under a mango tree.
On seeing Chand patil pass by, Baba, who was sitting under the tree preparing a smoking pipe (CHILLUM), called him and asked him to smoke the chillum and take some rest. When Chand Patil told Baba about his lost horse, Baba advised him to look for it near a nala (stream). Chand Patil searched accordingly, and to his pleasant surprise, he found his horse and returned happily to Baba with it.
Then Baba provided the items required for making the chillum miraculously in the following way. He thrust the steel prong (SATKA) forcibly into the ground and pulled out a burning charcoal. He again thrust his SATKA into the ground, and immediately water began to flow out. He put the burning charcoal in the CHILLUM and wet it with this water and started to smoke, and also asked Patil to join him.
On seeing this miraculous performance of creating fire and water, Chand Patil as spellbound and realized that Baba was not an ordinary man, but an AVALIA (A GREAT SAINT) who had immense control over the five element of nature.

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