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Protecting blacksmiths child

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Protecting the blacksmith’s child

Once, in the year 1910, on the day before diwali, Baba was sitting by the Holy fireplace (dhuni) and thrusting the firewood into it, and the dhuni was burning bright, with rising flames.
Suddenly, instead of pushing in firewood. Baba thrust his hand fully into the DHUNI, and consequently suffered burns up to him arm.
Noticing this Madhavarao Deshpande (affectionately addressed by fellow devotees in Shirdi as Shama) grabbed Baba by the waist from behind, dragged him forcibly backwards, and asked, “Deva why have you done this?”
Then Baba came to his senses and replied, “The wife of a blacksmith at a distant place was working the bellow near a furnace. When her husband called her, she got up in a hurry. And her little child. Whom she was holding at her waist, fell in to the furnace. Seeing that, I immediately thrust my hand in to the furnace, pulled the child out of the fire, and saved it. I do not mind my arm being burnt, but I am glad I saved the child ”.
To render instant help, Baba rushes to his devotees, unmindful of His devotees, unmindful of His personal hardships.

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Why fear , when i am here ?
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