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Darshan of god reward of devout faith

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Darshan of god-reward of devout faith

Once when Baba asked Das Ganu to conduct nama saptaha (chanting the names of god continuously for one week), he agreed to do so, but with a condition that at the end of the saptaha, Baba should make vital (one form of the deity worshipped at Pandharpur) appear (manifest Himself) before him.
Baba replied, “vital will certainly appear if one is earnest and devout. You need not go to far off places. Pandharpur of vital and Dwaraka of Sri Krishna are here”.
After completing the saptaha, Das Ganu saw the vision of vital in Shirdi itself.
Kakasaheb Dikshit was sitting as usual in meditation after his bath when he saw vital in a vision.Whwn he went at noon for Baba’s darshan, Baba asked him point blank, “Did vital Patil come? Dis you see Him? Catch Him firmly, otherwise He will escape. Hold Him firmly, otherwise he will run away, if you are inattentive”.
Dikshit had another darshan of vital at noon. A hawker was selling pictures of vittoba, and the pictures exactly looked like the one Kakasaheb saw in his vision. He bought a photo for worship.
In other instance, Baba gave darshan to Moolay Sastry as his Guru Goraknath, and Lord Rama to a doctor.

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