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Children to the Childless

Ruttonji Shapurji Wadia, a Parsi mill contractor, lived in Nanded, in the erstwhile Nizam’s state. He was a rice and prosperous man, possessing enormous wealth and property.Although he appeared to be happy, he was unhappy and miserable within, as he did not have any children. One day, on the advice of Das Ganu, an ardent devotee of Sai Baba, he went to Shirdi for darshan and the blessings of Baba.
Ruttonji had darshan of Baba and offered flowers and fruits. He fell at His feet and prayed for a son, saying, “Many persons who find themselves in difficult situations come to you and you relieve them immediately. Hearing this, I have anxiously sought your feet. Please do not disappoint me.” Moved by his devotion, Baba told him that his bad days were over, and giving him Udi , placed His Divine hand on Ruttonji’s head, and blessed him, saying Allah (GOD) would fulfill his desire. Thus blessed by Baba, Ruttonji returned to Nanded, and in due course, was blessed with a son, and later had several children.
Similarly, Baba also blessed Mrs. Aurangabadkar, a lady from Sholapur, who was childless for 27 years. Mrs. Aurangabadkar, the wife of Shakharm Aurangabadkar, came to Shirdi as a last resort, to pray to Baba for child. When she bowed and presented a coconut to Baba, Shama prayed to Baba on her behalf. Baba blessed her and said, “She will have a child in twelve months”. According to Baba’s word, she delivered a son in one year’s time.

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