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Safe Delivery

Smt. Maintai, was the daughter of Nanasaheb Chandorkar, an ardent devotee od Baba. He was the Mamlatdar at jamner, in Khandesh district.
Jamner was over 100 miles away from Shirdi. Maintai was in an advanced stage of pregnancy, and was undergoing pain and major difficulty. Nanasaheb prayed to Baba for help.
At Shirdi, at about the same time, one Mr.Ramgirbuva was planning to go to his home in Khandesh. Baba called him and asked him to go to Jamner immediately and hand over UDI and Aarti (prayer somg) to Nanasaheb, and only then proceed to his home. Ramgirbuva left Shirdi and proceeded to Jamner. with little money that he had he reached Jalgaon by train, but jamner was still 30 miles away.
As soon as he reached jalgaon station, a peon with a tanga (horse drawn carriage) was waiting for him. He travelled in the tanga to jamner and went to the house of Nanasaheb, and as instructed by Baba, delivered UDI and Aarti. Immediately, the hold UDi was mixed in water and was given to maintai to drink, and arti was sung. After a few minutes, she had a safe delivery.
While talking leave, ramgiribuva profusely thanked Nanasaheb for sending the peon with the tanga to the station to receive him. The latter was surprised, and said that he had not send any tanga or peon, and he had not been aware of anyone coming from Shirdi, Ramgiribuva immediately rushed out of the house and found that there was no tanga or peon. These incidents reveal Baba’s response to his devotee’s pleas.

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