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Mangoes and motherhood

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Businessman Damu Anna had two wives, but he did not have any children. As per the astrologer’s predictions, there was no prospect
of his having any children at all in his life, since there was a papi (inauspicious) planet in his horoscope.
One day, Baba received a parcel of 300 good mangoes, sent by a devotee from Goa. After opening it, He handed all the mangoes to Shama, except four, which he retained and put in a tin pot (Kolomba), saying “These four fruits are for Damu Anna”.
Two hours later, Damu Anna reached Shirdi and came to Sai Baba. Baba said, “Thought other want these mangoes, they are Damayya’s (Damu Anna’s). He, to whom these mangoes belong, should eat and die”. On hearing these words, Damu Anna was shocked and frightened, but the explanation and the interpretation of Mhalsapathi (the priest of Khandoba temple), actually meant the death of one’s ego, through surrendering one’s self at the feet of Baba, and the words of Baba which were a blessing for him, satisfied him, and he said that intervened, and told him “Do not eat them yourself. Give them to your junior wife. This Amra Leela (miracle of mangoes) will bear her four sons and four daughter ”. Damu Anna followed this command, and in due course Baba’s words of blessings turned out to be true against all the astrological predictions.

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Why fear , when i am here ?
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